Remembering Conversations

(For Ages 9 - 11 )

About This study

This study is about how adults talk to children about events they've experienced, and what adults remember about those conversations. The study involves a short visit to campus and then an interview on the phone several days later. This study has been approved by MSU's Institutional Review Board (FY17-18-733).

Compensation: For Session 1 participating families will be paid $25 (cash). For Session 2 (phone interview), families will receive a $25 electronic gift certificate to

Session 1 (campus visit; about 20 minutes): Children will help a male undergraduate assistant with different science demonstrations. All demonstrations are safe and educational.

Session 2 (at home on the phone; about 20 minutes): Parents will be given instructions for having a short conversation with their child about their science experience (done at home). Next, parents and children will participate in a short phone interview about their memory for that conversation (also done at home). These interviews will take place on different days at a time convenient for your family.

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